Warm Tales for a Dead Fire
A solo show by Collective Disgrace

Warm Tales for a Dead Fire

For its third carte blanche exhibition, Soul2Soul invites Collective Disgrace to occupy the exhibition space for a fortnight.

In this case, the word ‘occupy’ turns into ‘fill’, because when this group of young artists comes together for a project, nothing is left to chance and everything is done consistently. Once again, the proposal is total, from the straw that completely covers the surface of the floor, to the theatre lamps hanging from the ceiling, to the discreet rustling of small objects placed at different heights and in the corners of the space. The investment of the place is also perceptible through the care given to the different parts of the installation, every element of the scenography being thought out, moulded, twisted, sculpted, baked, melted, dried, grated, brushed, engraved, smoothed, varnished, painted, transported, placed and lit by its authors.

If it had been real, that is to say existing outside of this space, this place would have the smell of an escape, of a scene left a few moments before and in a hurry. Although the objects appear to be worn and aged, seemingly abandoned for a long time, the surges of the ambient air comfort us in the idea that an event has just occurred there. What remains for us to do, upon discovering this moment still charged with an unknown presence, is to peer at the surroundings for traces of the last visitors, to assume the reasons for their sudden disappearance and, perhaps, to go after them.

Except that here, within the walls of the exhibition, almost everything has been manufactured, reproduced or imitated. The scene and the traces that have been left behind are so many deceptive clues, placed there as a sort of memorial, referring to abandoned objects without any particular character. In a full and voluntary illusion, they have, so to speak, no precise purpose, perhaps even no other intention, than that of having one day supposedly accompanied the disappeared, for a moment gathered around the fire.

From 16 to 30 September 2021
Poster: David Bonaglia
Photos: YAL

Sophie Conus (*1997) is an artist who graduated in visual arts from HEAD-Geneva with the honors, and lives in Lausanne. She has recently exhibited in Copenhagen (2019, Gallery Q), Berlin (2019, Oqbo), Milan (2020, Erbacce), Lugano (2021, Sonnenstube), Cari (2020, Cari Art Safari) and Geneva (2020, La Fonte/2018, Live In Your Head). In parallel to her artistic practice, she is active as a DJ and electronic music producer, as well as co-manager of the art space Limbo in Geneva.


Pablo Rezzonico Bongcam (*1998) is an artist who graduated in visual arts with the honors, from HEAD-Geneva and lives in the same city. His work has been exhibited in Berlin (2019, Oqbo), Cari (2020, Cari Art Safari), Milan (2020, Erbacce), Renens (2021, TILT), Geneva (2018, Live In Your Head) and Zürich (2018, Fuco). He is currently preparing a residency in Barcelona, Catalonia (2022, CAN Serrat) and is also co-manager of the Limbo space in Geneva.


Ilana Winderickx (*1996) is an artist living in Geneva and graduated with the honors from HEAD-Geneva with a Master’s degree in visual arts. She has participated in two sound residencies in Geneva (2020, 2019, La Fonte) and is invited for a residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2022, Casa Suisa). In parallel to her artistic activity, she is active as a DJ, producer of electronic music, with releases on labels such as Brainwaves, W.T.N.T., Mega Fun Records and is the founder of the label Lachrymose Rescue.


The three artists are part of Collective Disgrace, which has been active for several years. Their work consists of light and sound installations made from sculpted and reclaimed objects. With an inclination for strange creatures, enigmatic atmospheres and ancient myths, their production is thought out and created exclusively for each new project. After a first one in Lausanne (2020, Tunnel Tunnel), a second one in Vevey (2021, Indiana), Soul2Soul invites the collective to Geneva for its third solo exhibition.