Derik, Mardin, ça fait un peu Paris, Texas
Carla Alis & Capucine Porphire

Derik, Mardin, ça fait un peu Paris, Texas

Cutting through a collection of found footages, excerpts from films and their own recordings, Carla Alis and her friend Capucine Porphire elaborate a language of belonging and unbelonging. By telling some truths and some lies, narrating football matches and playing a game of pretend; the performers gather a collection of memories of teenagehood, summers spent in warmer places and modern day scholar bias.

Performance on 24 November 2022
Curated by Yasemin Imre
Photos: fig

Carla Alis is a french-kurdish performer, videast and researcher. She studied at the HEAR and the Université de Strasbourg. She investigates kurdish existences in narratives, cinema, representation and territories at the CCC Research Program at HEAD–Geneva. Stricken by memories from her teenagehood, she tries to tell with words and images an inexpressible feeling of belonging.

Capucine Porphire is a French performer, director and researcher. She studied at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and also works at the MC93 in Bobigny as an assistant in public projects. Originally from Mauritius and the result of many cross-breedings, she tries to orchestrate a sense of identity that is fleeting.